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Peter Quillin, American boxer and former world champion, is using Fitnescity's DEXA scan to fine-tune his training. Watch our interview on Youtube. Watch Peter's next fight on FOX live on Saturday, August 4 at 7:30 p.m. ET!


What tests does fitnescity provide?

Fitnescity offers professional fitness testing services to clients ranging from casual gym goers to clinically overweight individuals and world-renown professional athletes.

The assessments use clinical-grade equipment and range from body composition (DEXA and BOD POD) analysis to metabolic testing (RMR), performance analysis (VO2 max).

All of the tests are conducted in a clinical setting (with the presence of a physician, a clinical dietician and/or a certified exercise physiologist).

**Fitnescity currently covers New York and New Jersey only**


What are the benefits for me?

  • Enhance your brand.
  • Provide more data-driven, personalized and science-based coaching. 
  • Increase member retention by setting goals (based on test results), and by encouraging clients to work towards these goals
  • Organize group challenges.


Where Can I learn more about the tests?



How can i learn more?


Questions? Contact us:


phone: +1 (888) 348-6372