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The gold standard for fast, accurate and safe body composition analysis.

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Note: All Fitnescity tests are conducted in a clinical setting (with the presence of a physician, a clinical dietician and/or a certified exercise physiologist)

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Recommended attire for the test: tight-fitting clothing or bathing suit. Swim cap (you will stay dry).

Test protocol: Two-hour fast prior to the test. No coffee of alcohol four hours before.


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Receive your results

Receive your body fat measurement from the world's fastest, safest and most accurate body composition assessment within one business day.

(test results, interpretation, anthropometric data.)

Your results will be reviewed by a Certified Exercise Physiologist




BOD POD: The world’s gold standard for fast, accurate and safe Body Fat Assessment.

Based on Air Displacement Plethysmography, the BOD POD uses whole body densitometric principles to determine body composition (Fat and Fat-Free Mass), guaranteeing high accuracy and excellent test-to-test repeatability.

BOD POD’s air displacement plethysmography eliminates the invasiveness of Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) and is therefore suitable for frequent, longitudinal tracking of body composition and metabolic changes over time.



Your results will be reviewed by a Certified Exercise Physiologist. You will receive online access to your results (test results, interpretation, and anthropometric data) within one business day. • Your results will include your total body fat and fat-free mass measurements.

Please note that, unlike the DEXA scan, the BOD POD test does not provide body fat levels by body part. 


 What is the test protocol?

Prior to your Bod Pod test, there are a few important things to note:
* It is recommended you complete a two-hour fast prior to your Bod Pod test. This is to ensure accuracy.
* You must not consume alcohol or caffeine four hours prior to the test.

* Attire for the test: Women: compression shorts and a tight-fitting sports bra or bathing suit. Men: compression shorts or speedo. Swim caps are required. The staff will have swim caps available for use, but please feel free to bring yours if you'd like.
* Body hair, particularly facial hair, may skew results.

What Happens during the appointment?

* Your test administrator will measure your height and weight. You will be asked to sit in the Bod Pod for approximately 35-45 seconds for 2-3 rounds of measurement. You will not be able to move or talk. 

* You will be asked to wear a swim cap over your hair, and remove shoes, socks and all jewelry before the test.


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