What is Fitnescity?

Fitnescity offers a private, highly personalized personal training service.  

Fitnescity's mission is to advance human performance and reduce lifestyle-induced disease.

How does it work?

  • You will be assigned a seasoned coach (Master's, PhD). You will meet your coach about three times a week for private training.  Nutrition, sleep and stress management are also part of your on-going coaching. 

  • Your coach will work with you to define your goals. S/he will design your personalized program using your physiological measurements (e.g. body composition, metabolism, body shape and weight distribution, postural analysis and functional movement), along with your lifestyle data on nutrition, sleep and stress. The coach will then combine this information with your medical history, exercise habits and genetic wellness profile (if available).
  • The coach will seamlessly track your progress. You will also receive access to state-of-the-art visualizations of how your body and your overall wellness are changing.  

Is It open to everyone?

The service is open to residents of New York City.

How Do I Get Started?

Please fill out this form and we'll be in touch. We will match you with a trainer based on your unique profile. You will only get started once you've agreed on our choice of trainer.

If you'd like to book your sessions, please visit this page.

Do I Have to be in New York City?

Yes, the program is only available in NYC as of now. However, we will be announcing new locations soon. Sign up for the waitlist to stay informed. 

Do I meet my Trainer in person? 

Yes, you will meet your trainer in-person about three times a week for private training.

Nutrition, sleep and stress management are also part of your on-going coaching, and are typically completed online.

Do I have to commit to A 16-week program? 

It is recommended (but not required) to complete a 16-week program.

Our service aims at providing in-depth assessments and creating measurable outcomes for our clients. As a result, we typically do not accept customers for one-time sessions.  

What if I have an existing health condition?

You will be matched with a coach who specializes in your condition: e.g. Injury. Surgery. Chronic Condition. Postnatal. Senior.

Where do I meet my coach?

Your coach will travel to your private gym (if applicable) or will arrange access to a private training facility near you. 

What if I am traveling?

The program is designed to be in-person. However, we do understand that some of our clients might travel extensively. If your schedule does not allow you to be in town for at least two weeks per month, this program might not be the right fit. If you travel less than that, your coach can hold some of your sessions remotely.

Can I try it first?

Yes, you will be able to sign up for an introductory session before you get a package of 10 or 20 sessions.

Do I need to own any tracking devices or machines?

No, your coach will provide you with the latest technology and devices. You will only need to complete a set of online assessments before you start. You will have the option to complete some of our state-of-the-art assessments as well.

What measurements does Fitnescity collect? How can I use them to make better lifestyle choices?

The list of these measurements is available on Fitnescity's wellness glossary. We are also constantly adding curated scientific papers to our wellness research guides. If you would like to receive a monthly summary, please sign up for this newsletter

Does Fitnescity Offer Medical Advice?

No, Fitnescity does not offer medical advice. However, you are free to download your data (i.e. your wellness profile) and take it to your doctor.

Always consult with a healthcare professional. Fitnescity's assessments do not diagnose any health conditions or provide medical advice.

What is 3D Body scanning?

3D body scanning is a fast and reliable tool for collecting body measurements. Once a scan is taken (a 40-second process) and data is transferred, a software automatically locates body landmarks and generates measurements, along with a three-dimensional view of your body. 

A scale might indicate that you have gained or lost weight, but it does not show you where these changes happened, and whether you've gained fat or muscle in each body part.

What Are the benefits of 3d body scanning?

  • Receive a full three-dimensional image of your body from a simple 40 second scan.     
  • Get detailed measurements by body part: Segmental weight loss or gain; segmental body fat measurements.
  • Understand your health risks, as measured by your waist-to-hip ratio (WHR).     

More details are available here.             

Can you train me for a marathon?

Yes, of course.

I have Another QUESTION

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