What happens during the RMR appointment?

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During the test you will be lying supine on a bed with a canopy hood rested comfortably over you. You should remain still, relaxed and as comfortable as possible without falling asleep. The testing staff will monitor you during the entire test to ensure you stay awake and should you need assistance . To the best of our knowledge, there are no known health risks associated with the RMR test. Rarely, people may feel claustrophobic while wearing the canopy hood. It may also feel warm or cold while the test is in session. The testing staff will provide blankets if desired. Your Responsibilities: The results of the test may be inaccurate if pre-test procedures are not properly followed. The accuracy of your results can also be affected by certain medications, medical conditions, acute infections and, for females, pregnancy, breast feeding and menstruation. You should let the testing staff know prior to the test if any of these apply, including the use of non-prescription medications. You should immediately report any unusual feelings that are of concern to the test staff during the test.