Should I share my BOD POD results with my physician/personal trainer/dietitian?

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Your results will be reviewed by a Certified Exercise Physiologist, but we recommend sharing them with your trainer or nutritionist (if applicable) so s/he can monitor your progress and adjust your nutrition or training plan if needed.

If interested, you may send us your trainer’s email address and we will give your trainer separate access to your profile.

What should I wear for my BOD POD test?

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You must wear tight fitted clothing to complete the test, natural fibers (e.g. cotton) will interfere with results. Nylon, spandex or lycra material is suggested. Women: compression shorts and a tight-fitting sports bra or bathing suit (no underwire or metal). Men: compression shorts or speedo. If you have a swimming cap, you may bring it. If you do not, the staff will provide you with one (you will stay dry!).

Who should take the BOD POD test?

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The BOD POD Test is useful for anyone interested in learning about their general body fat percentages. Body composition is an excellent indicator of overall health. It can be used to track the success of your nutrition or exercise program or to help you fine-tune athletic performance. BOD POD’s air displacement plethysmography eliminates the invasiveness of Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) and is therefore suitable for frequent, longitudinal tracking of body composition and metabolic changes over time.