General Fitness Testing FAQs

Will I be able to understand my test results?

Yes! Your test results will be uploaded onto your Fitnescity profile and are easy to read and understand. In tests such as RMR and DEXA, you will be provided with population data in order to understand how you compare to others your age and ethnicity.

You will also be provided with resources that explain terms that may appear in your profile such as BMI, Essential Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Lean Mass, etc.

Should I share my results with my physician/personal/trainer/dietitian?

Your results will be reviewed by a Certified Exercise Physiologist, but we recommend sharing them with your trainer or nutritionist (if applicable) so s/he can monitor your progress and adjust your nutrition or training plan if needed.

If interested, you may send us your trainer’s email address and we will give your trainer separate access to your profile.