Data-driven Personal Training

How It Works

Private TRAINER                              

Select your private  trainer and activate your 16-week program. 

All coaches have a Master's or PhD in exercise physiology, nutrition or related field.                                                                                           You will train with your coach in-person ~3 times per week.            




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State-of-the art assessment technology

Your coach will collect a wide range of measurements:

  • Physiology: Weight and body composition, body shape, metabolism, blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, posture, functional movement. 
  • Lifestyle: Nutrition, sleep and stress.

  • History: Existing conditions and genetic profile (optional).           


Continuous access to Progress Data And coaching

Your coach will design a personalized program using (1) your data and (2) evidence-based guidelines for optimizing wellness and preventing lifestyle-induced disease. 

You will receive a detailed report of the program's impact on your wellness.