January 2017: MBA Project


January 2, 2017 - January January 31, 2017

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Fitnescity, Inc (www.fitnescity.com), a start-up that aims at pioneering the world of Personalized Wellness, is seeking an intern for the position of Brand Manager.

We’re a team of research scientists and wellness professionals from Stanford and MIT, and we’re on a mission to improve wellness outcomes for individuals.

We offer data-driven wellness coaching that uses insights from the individual’s unique physiology, history and lifestyle to personalize wellness.



(1) Brand Manager : Experience working in an early stage start-up environment, especially at one of the most exciting times the launch.

(2) Brand Strategist: Gain a hands-on experience in brand identity development.


Overall Goal:

Use branding as a creative force to drive growth. 



  1. Be the "brand ambassador" of Fitnescity during our launch at CES 2017: Present the company to an audience of potential partners, investors, clients and journalists. [January 2-8]
  2. Provide strategic guidance on brand identity and performance: 
  • Conduct research, gather data, best practices and trends.
  • Provide strategic recommendations on Fitnescity's external presence.   

 [January 9-31]


Your Qualifications: 

  • MBA, PhD with a focus on marketing, strategy, bioinformatics or a related field.
  • Strong interest in wellness and quantified self technologies.


Additional Details:

  • Location (part 1): Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Expenses (travel, hotel, meals, etc.) will be covered.
  • Location (part 2): NYC or Cambridge.
  • Start date: The ideal candidate would be available 3-4 hours in December for kick-off meetings/calls and for reviewing internal documentation. 
  • Please submit a resume and a short statement of interest here.