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Your Goal: 

Weight Loss




Body Composition


Postural Analysis



  • Left chain is longer and weaker. Need to lengthen right chain (unilateral exercises) 
  • Hamstrings are weak and long
  • Quads are tight and short, bringing knees forward
  • Need to strengthen hamstrings
  • Abdominals are long. Need to work on core, reduce the flare 

Functional Movement Screen

[text inputs from coach]

  • Squat 2,2
  • IL- 2,2 (flare at stomach)
  • HS- 42cm, 2,2 (left leg stationary more stable, right hip shifts up)
  • Shoulder impingement - right shoulder (delta area feels the pain, no pain when lifting elbow), left shoulder tight too but no pain
  • SM - 18cm, left up right down 16; 18 (pain); pain free is 36-38cm
  • ASLR - 2,2 (hip) 
  • Push up - right shoulder hurts
  • RS - 2,2 hip rocks

Blood Pressure