Find Your Wellness Score

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Fitnescity’s new signature assessment

The test is a deep dive into your wellness. It uses an algorithm to measure various aspects of your lifestyle, such as your physical activity, sleep, stress, emotional well-being, medical history, nutrition, water and alcohol consumption. Each category consists of three to ten questions, including multiple choice, rating scales, open ended and Yes/No questions.

The test is based on an extensive (10-15 min) questionnaire. It grades all your answers using a proprietary, research-based algorithm. Your answers are scaled from 0 to 100 and each answer has a unique value that is used to calculate your overall score. The good thing is that you can’t really cheat on the test because, unlike other wellness tests or surveys, finding the perfect answer is not that easy. The Wellness Score will ask you a lot of open-ended questions along with YES/NO questions, opinion scale and multiple-choice questions. There are also a few tricky and unpredictable sections.

All you need to do is receive your invite and fill out the questionnaire.