Podcast: Designing Smarter Senior Living Facilities

Connected Wellness Facility - Connected Gym

In this podcast, Chris Carruthers, Vice President of Health Services Marketing, talks with Laila Zemrani, CEO of Fitnescity, about how data-driven personal wellness can impact the lives of seniors.

Topics covered in this podcast:

  • The wellness industry is at an inflection point. It is now so much easier to collect data on the human body — Consumers can now use sensor technology to monitor key aspects of their wellness, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, body composition, bone density, metabolism, sleep and stress levels. Consumers can also easily order at-home lab tests and explore their microbiome, genetics.


  • There's a common misconception that wellness technology is mostly for the young, healthy and tech-savvy consumer.  The data shows that seniors can not only benefit a lot more from these technologies, but they're also willing to adopt it, provided that it is easy to use and that the "use case" and the value are clearly defined. It cannot be just about counting steps. It has to be about creating a smart environment that can help alert, prevent and optimize someone's life. 


  • Other topics covered in this podcast: "Digital Aging," data visualization, interactive smart living spaces, ROI of data-driven and tech-enabled wellness services.