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Meet Your Numbers.

Fitness Lab Testing. Analytics. Coaching. Community.

What’s Included

(1) Test at a lab near you

DEXA. BOD POD. Metabolic Rate (RMR). VO2 Max

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(2) Results

Members receive: Test results coupled with unique insights, general wellness assessment, dietary analysis, training plan, analytics & community (ask us anything!)

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General Fitness Evaluation with Dietary Analysis and Consultation

Dietary Assessment (in-depth food log and health profile analysis + consultation)

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Biometric Screening

Screening Panels Include:

  • Comprehensive Panel: 30 tests and biometrics

  • Personal Health Snapshot™: 18 tests and biometrics

  • Heart and Diabetes Panel: 6 tests and biometrics

  • Non-fasting Panel: 5 tests and biometrics

  • Fingerstick Panel: 7 tests and biometrics


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