What You Need to Know about Body Composition Analysis - Part 1 The DEXA Scan

The DEXA scan provides far more complete and precise information than any other weight and and body fat assessments tool. 

What results does it provide?

The DEXA scan measures your body fat percentage, fat mass, and fat-free mass. What’s unique about the DEXA scan, is that it also provides regional body fat results. Therefore it will indicate that amount of fat you have on certain areas of your body including your trunk, arms, legs, pelvis, among other areas. In addition the DEXA scan indicates bone density as well as the amount of abdominal or visceral fat that you carry. This is important because high amounts of this type of fat is a significant risk factor for many diseases including heart disease and type 2 Diabetes.

Who would benefit most from a DEXA scan?

A DEXA scan is perfect for anyone interested in loosing body fat or changing their body composition. Many of our clients like to test before and after making adjustments to their diet and exercise in order to see if their new approach is working for them.

How can I get a DEXA scan?

You will first schedule your appointment through our site. On the day of your appointment you will receive a print out of your results as well as a consultation with a physician. Within a few business days you will receive online access to your results which include your test results, interpretation, and anthropometric data. 

What happens during the appointment?

The staff will first measure your height and weight. You will then be asked to lay down on the DEXA machine with your feet together and your arms by your side. The actually DEXA scan takes about 5 minutes, but you can expect the entire appointment will take around 30 minutes. How must I prepare? Contrary to popular belief, food and/or water intake has very little to no impact on the accuracy of your DEXA scan results. You are welcome to follow a 2-hour fast prior to your appointment, but please note that it is not required.

How should you prepare for the test? 

It is recommended that you wear or bring a change of clothes that fits comfortably such as your gym clothes. You must avoid clothing that contain any metal including zippers, buttons, reflective materials, jewelry or watches, and bras with clasps or underwire. This also includes metal or hard plastic hair clips or pins. If you have metal in your body (such as a replaced joint or a pin in a bone), please inform us.

How often should you do a DEXA scan?

We recommend that our clients schedule to retest around 3 or 4 month after their initial test. This time frame allows enough time for the effects of their diet and training to be have a significant effect on their body composition. Many of our clients also find that this keeps them accountable to their goals.

Is the DEXA scan safe?

DEXA scans are very safe, in fact, a whole body scan produces a level of radiation equivalent to flying by airplane from New York to California.