What You Need To Know About the VO2 Max Test

The VO2 Max test is used in clinical setting to determine one’s maximal aerobic capacity.

What does it provide?

The test measures your body's maximal consumption of oxygen and the efficiency of your muscles.

Who would benefit most from VO2 Max testing?

A VO2 Max would be perfect for anyone who does aerobic exercise such as running, cycling, swimming, and other endurance activities.

What is the process?

You will first schedule your appointment through our site. After your appointment your results will be reviewed by a Certified Exercise Physiologist. Within a few business days you will receive online access to your results which include your test results, interpretation, and anthropometric data.

What happens at your appointment?

During the VO2 max test, you will be hooked up to a breathing mask while you undergo a progressively more difficult cardio test. You will be given the option to perform the test on a treadmill or stationary bike. During the entire process of the test you will be supervised by a clinal staff.

How must I prepare?

The VO2 max can only be done after we receive an approval from your regular doctor. This referral form is intended to inform your doctor that you are participating in this test and ensure that your doctor feels this is appropriate and safe.

How often should I test?

There is no set timeframe that we recommend that our clients retest, but many like to retest throughout their training for endurance events. By performing several test they can see if their training is effective or if they need to make adjustments.