Business Development Manager


Job Type: Full-time

Office location: New York, NY 10023


Your role will be to help grow the company’s partner ecosystem and client base. You will contribute directly to revenue growth using A/B testing and conversion optimization.



·      Deeply understand our client base, what brings them to our platform and what drives churn.

·      Define and execute a strategy to hit monthly revenue targets, leveraging growth psychology and best practices.

·      Run marketing campaigns and other growth initiatives end-to-end (acquisition, activation, retention, loyalty): identify opportunities, prioritize projects, design experiments, develop campaign strategy, oversee execution and analyze results.

·      Analyze client acquisition and retention data to uncover key business insights and opportunities for engagement.

·      Work with the CEO to unlock innovative, company-specific strategies for growth.



·      You have an MBA or a Master's Degree in Management (completed or to be completed).

·      You have some Marketing and/or Business Development experience.

·      You must be able to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

·      You should be comfortable working with little supervision.

·      You have excellent communication skills. 

·      You are familiar with the fitness and wellness industry.


Compensation structure: Fixed + variable


Please include a short statement of interest with your resume. Thank you.

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