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Receive kit at home. Send sample. Consult a physician. Get diet & exercise Insights.

Why work with Fitnescity



We handpicked some of the nation’s most prestigious medical centers, and partnered to use their equipment and staff for fitness testing.


Detailed analysis

You receive a digital report (35+ pages) with anthropometric data, interpretation, comparison with heathy ranges and population data, online diet plan and exercise insights.

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On-going support

You have access to unlimited chat, phone and email support as you work towards your goals. Your results are always secure and accessible online.

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Receive your results

Explore the Fitnescity Method

Body Composition

Assessment with the BOD POD Test or DEXA Scan

Resting Metabolism

Assessment with the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test


Aerobic Capacity

Assessment with the VO2 Max or Lactate Threshold Test


NEW - Blood Biomarkers

Assessment with blood analysis (general & enhanced)

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