An Executive’s Journey to Quantified Health


“As a Banker, I love numbers” says Philip Kent, a 34 year-old finance Executive, right before making the appointment for his first Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test.

Philip lived all his childhood and teenage years in Miami. He graduated from Columbia University with a Business Economics degree. After graduation, just like many econ majors do, he joined the world of finance and stayed in New York, NY.

It’s a Wednesday evening. Clock shows 9pm. Philip meets us in his business suit; he looks very chic.

Selin: I’m looking at a very happy young executive....

Philip: Yes, I am. It’s an early day for me. Plus business is good, si I can’t complain!

Selin: You also got your RMR test results today, how do they look?

Philip: They look average... The test shows that my metabolic rate is slightly higher than most individuals who are similar to me. But, I want it to be even higher.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.11.52 PM.png

Selin: And why do you think like that?

Philip: I used to run, five times a week, for at least six miles. I loved it so much. At some point I was training for marathons. Then I entered the NYC Marathon eight times in a row. I was going to the gym very frequently as well. Strength training was my second favorite exercise. I remember spending six hours at the gym in one day! But this was 5 years ago. When I was still feeling young, and energetic haha. Now I feel like none of these are possible...

Let alone running, I even find it difficult to create time to go to the gym inside my building. I’m in the office 12 hours a day — minimum, looking at a screen full of numbers. I work, eat, sleep in the office. I have to work most of the weekends as well. It’ true: Time is money. Haha.

Selin: Is your job your priority?

Philip: I wouldn’t say it’s my priority but it’s important in this specific time of my life if I’m going to have a family you know?

Selin: Yes I totally understand, but what about your health?

Philip: SMy health and knowing about my health mean much more to me, especially now. I started to realize that being in good shape also enhances my job performance. I’m pretty sure that even my brain works better when I’m in good shape. Ideally, I’d like to know all my number so I can get to an optimal shape.

That’s why I wanted to take the test, to start from somewhere. I told you, I was very active back in my 20s, now I feel like I’m sitting in a chair all day… I consider myself sedentary. Although I try to exercise two to three times a week, sometimes it’s just not possible. I prefer doing something else, like going out with friends or spending time with family. I felt like I needed to learn my Resting Metabolic Rate to manage my diet and fitness routine better. At least, after today I have a sense of how many calories I should be consuming if I want to lose some of my weight without exercising. I also know that at some point I was actually starving myself, like eating way less calories than my body needs. I learned from the test that that could actually slow down my metabolism, and therefore defeat the purpose.

Selin: Exactly! RMR Testing would definitely help you adjust your diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Was this your first time taking the test? Can you talk a little about your experience? How was it? What are the best and worst parts?

Philip: It was my first time, yes, and of course I’d be happy to tell you how my experience was.

It was super easy to book the test online. I just went on the Fitnescity website and scheduled my test. I booked it for Tuesday, October 2nd, 8AM. Everything I needed to know about the test was already on the website, but I received an email with the instructions from the Fitnescity team anyways.

Not the worst, but I would say the hardest part about the RMR test— if you wake up very hungry like me— is that it requires a 12-hour fast. However, since I had the test pretty early in the morning, fasting part wasn’t that bad.

What else...Some people might feel claustrophobic while wearing the canopy hood but it didn’t bother me a all. They even asked me, if I was warm or cold and wanted blankets as well. So the room temperature shouldn't be a problem as well.

I went into the clinic, the staff immediately asked if I had any medical conditions and was using any prescribed or non-prescribed medications.

The whole process took about a hour and 15 minutes. I lied still and relaxed on a bed with a canopy hood. The bed was very comfortable. I was actually too relaxed; I almost fell asleep. But I couldn’t because the staff made sure I stayed awake during the entire test. They also monitored me at all times if I needed any assistance.

The best part about the test was, you know what’s coming, lying on the bed. Without thinking anything, doing anything… It was a quality rest for me. See? Unfortunately I’m not getting enough of it or sleep enough.

Selin: You should definitely try to get some more sleep! It’s also important if you want to keep your weight in a healthy range. What about after you took the test? Were you expecting to get the results you had? Or were you surprised when you first saw them?

Philip: I received the test results on Wednesday, so the next day I took the test, in the morning. They were very easy to understand. The definitions and the science behind of metabolism, and resting metabolic rate were included. I also learned my Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER), what my body uses to make energy (carbs or fat), and Resting Oxygen Consumption, the amount of oxygen that by body utilizes each minute. All of my results were compared to the other men who were similar to me, in terms of age, weight and height. So, this also gave a me a good sense of where I’m standing with my RMR number, which is 1849 kcal/day.


I’ve told you already, my metabolic rate is slightly higher than most men who are similar to me, despite the fact that I’m not active at all now. I guess I should be thankful for all those activities that I was doing back in the day, or maybe it’s my genetics... However, I’m aware that with age, they are not going to be enough. So I really would like to boost my RMR number.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.11.29 PM.png

Selin: Yes genetics is a one factor that affects your RMR. Do you know how you can boost your RMR number?

Philip: I think so… I should be exercising more I guess to increase my lean mass, accordingly decreasing my fat mass. And of course, I should be more careful with my diet! Eat more proteins maybe change it a little bit. My wife is doing the keto diet now. I will decide if I want to try it when I see her progress. Both the keto diet and intermittent fasting became so popular. There must be a reason why people are so obsessed with them, no?

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.10.59 PM.png

Selin: I agree, they are very popular now! If you would like to learn more about them you can check out our blog too!

And yes, one of the best ways to boost your RMR number is to decrease your body fat percentage! I would recommend the DEXA or the BOD POD test for body composition to get accurate results.

Philip: Yes, I’ve actually signed up for that already. You know, as a banker and a mathematician, I love numbers.

I am also talking to some of your staff to get a private training session. I always find it more efficient to work out with someone, ideally with a trainer. Once you book your training, there is no escape, you know. You have to go and train!

I already feel like I’m getting back on track! Will keep you posted on my journey when I come back for my re-test! You know, numbers don’t lie haha.