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Preparing for a comeback

Peter Quillin, American boxer and former world champion, is using Fitnescity's DEXA scan to fine-tune his training. Watch our interview on Youtube. Watch Peter's next fight on FOX live on Saturday, August 4 at 7:30 p.m. ET!


Staying focused during a 40-day fitness challenge
Retta Abraham, an incredibly fit New Yorker, wanted to challenge himself to reach a lower body fat level, 100 push-ups, 30 pull-ups and 2 miles under 12 minutes.


Laila and Angela sit down to discuss how and why you should track you fitness progress. Angela Shurina has been a client, but she is also one of Fitnescity's partner trainers.


BOD POD _ Angela Shurina

Optimizing fat loss

Angela Shurina, nutrition educator, model and entrepreneur, is using Fitnescity's BOD POD test to optimize training and diet for fat loss.


Losing fat without losing muscle

Fitnescity Client David Ezell recently got a BOD POD test to track his progress. He has a podcast called the weighting the you can check out on itunes or any podcast app.



Ayana Domingo

Documenting a transformation journey

Ayaña K. Domingo, health educator and mom of two, went from overweight to NPC Figure Competitor.


Brandon Carter, fitness celebrity, model and entrepreneur, is using the DEXA scan to track the impact of his new training/diet programs.



Katherine's incredible transformation story

"My name is Katherine, and I am 44yrs old. My health journey started about a year ago after I lost both of my parents within few months of each other. They were both too young to leave this world - especially my mom at 64. Their passing affected me in many ways - one of them was not wanting my son (23yrs old now) to go through the grief I was going at such a young age if he was to lose me. I was 258lbs and lucky to have evaded diabetes and other serious health conditions.

I heard that ketogenic diet was the best way to drop pounds fast, but the idea of eating fats only was terrifying, and I knew it would not be sustainable. The first few days, I was loading myself with eggs, bacon, and hot dogs ... I felt like my choices were so limited, but truth was I did not know what I was doing. That's when I started to do extensive research into the keto lifestyle. My shelves soon filled with many new titles - cook books, science books, athletic performance books, fasting books. The more I learned, the more my ketogenic lifestyle transformed to what it is right now. My keto style is based on real foods - grass/pasture fed, organic, nutritious. I don’t snack (conventionally speaking), I don’t consume anything that I learned to trigger cravings (no sweeteners, no berries, extremely limited nuts).

The weight started dropping and I gained a lot of energy, which I invested in new found love - fitness! Not a day goes by without me sweating. I take CrossFit classes, attend regular gym, take yoga sessions on Sundays (my otherwise REST DAY), and I recently started weightlifting. Last time I checked, I was 92lbs down from where I started. I only weigh myself once a month and I rely on the consistency of my actions and not reacting to the scale - it gives me sanity and less fluctuations-based stress. Along the way, my mindset has changed, and I stopped obsessing about losing weight so much. Instead, I started focusing on getting stronger. I discovered that I am actually a lot stronger than I ever thought and with the help of my personal trainer, whom I see 3 times a week, I quickly progressed within the realm of powerlifting. For example, within 3 months I went from 6x45lbs plates in leg press to 13x45lbs. That's almost 600lbs! My back squats went from air squats to 225lbs (assisted) or 190lbs (unassisted), my chest presses are at 105lbs max (but I just started and that my weakest body part at the moment). Progress is progress is progress. 

That's where the tests I ordered through Fitnescity came to play. I needed to know what my realistic goals going forward can be. I, also, wanted to make sure I don’t under eat, which is so easy to do when keto adapted. The tests were eye opening and pretty fascinating, not only for me but also for my trainer. We learned where some of my strength came from: 115lbs of lean mass hiding under still present fat tissue. I also learned that my bones are very strong at 89 percentile, and that my visceral fat is low, meaning that most of my fat tissue is skin deep and not hugging my organs - such a relief! And finally, I learned that I burn way more calories at rest than I ever thought possible at 1559. In addition, the Respiratory Exchange Rate confirmed that I am indeed KETO ADAPTED. 

I am excited to continue my journey with no finish line in sight, as I realize that for every goal I'll meet, I'll find a new one to keep on improving. I am already looking forward to repeating my tests in about 6 months and compare the results."