Fitness Assessment with DEXA Scan

The gold standard for precise and comprehensive body fat analysis.

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The Fitnescity Method I

DEXA composition test: The DEXA scan is the world’s gold standard for comprehensive and accurate Body Fat Assessment. West Hartford, CT (DEXA).

+ What's Included

Detailed digital report with body fat percentage, breakdown of fat mass vs fat-free mass, body fat distribution (incl. visceral fat), bone density, comparison with healthy ranges and population data (percentile, Z-score).

  • Extensive dietary analysis (macronutrients/micronutrients). We compare your current nutrition profile with clinical guidelines for a balanced diet for individuals like you: sedentary, power athlete, endurance athlete or senior.

  • In-depth digital wellness assessment: We analyze and score the factors that affect your fitness: Nutrition. Activity, Sleep. Stress. Emotions. History.

  • Diet and exercise plan (based on 200+ data points from your results): The plan is uniquely designed for you and uses an algorithm to adapt to your results as they change.


Fitness Assessment with DEXA Scan
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Note: All Fitnescity tests are conducted in a clinical setting (with the presence of a physician, a clinical dietitian and/or a certified exercise physiologist).




Schedule your DEXA scan visit (30 min).

Recommended attire for the scan: tight-fitting clothing

Test protocol: Arrive metal/ hard plastic free or ready to change. This includes: No zippers, buttons, reflective materials, jewelry or watches, and no bras with clasps or underwire. No metal or hard plastic hair clips or pins. If you have metal in your body (such as a replaced joint or a pin in a bone), please inform us.

Results by Fitnescity

Receive YOUR Results

Receive detailed body composition report within one business day (total fat mass, lean mass and regional body fat distribution).

Test results, interpretation, anthropometric data.

The report compares you with people who are similar to you (age, gender and ethnicity).





Looking beyond the bathroom scale.

Accurate measurement of body composition provides valuable information for assessing, monitoring the human body.

Most people are used to stepping on a scale from now and then. But monitoring weight – while helpful – is not a precise way of assessing health and fitness progress.

Body composition measurement with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) can look beyond weight and the traditional body mass index (BMI) to determine body fat distribution.



The DEXA / DXA body composition measurement technology provides far more complete and precise information than any other weight and and body fat assessments tool. 

Body composition measurement with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA / DXA) helps individuals, trainers and physicians monitor the effects of diet and exercise in a precise manner.

Precise, accurate and segmental (regional) body fat data can have many benefits such as:

  • Supporting decisions on training regimens and nutrition plans.

  • Understanding and monitoring health risks related to body fat distribution.

Moreover, the measurements are fast and non invasive.



Regional body fat results

Body composition scans with DEXA / DXA provides precise and accurate data on total body fat percentage, total fat mass and fat-free mass. Most importantly, what is unique about DEXA body composition technology is that it provides regional body fat results (trunk, arms, legs, pelvis and android/gynoid regions).

For instance, DEXA scans can give a precise measurement of visceral fat / abdominal fat

Abdominal, or visceral, fat is of particular concern because it's a key player in a variety of health problems — much more so than subcutaneous fat, the kind you can grasp with your hand. Visceral fat, on the other hand, lies out of reach, deep within the abdominal cavity, where it pads the spaces between our abdominal organs.

Visceral fat has been linked to metabolic disturbances and increased risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. In women, it is also associated with breast cancer and the need for gallbladder surgery.


Please note that DEXA scans do subject you to small amounts of radiation.  A whole body scan produces a level of radiation equivalent to flying by airplane from New York to California.


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