Fitness Assessments in Maryland

Test location: College Park, MD

Fitnescity Method I (test + assessment)

BOD POD body composition test: The BOD POD is the world’s gold standard for fast, accurate and safe Body Fat Assessment.

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Detailed digital report with body fat percentage, breakdown of fat mass vs fat-free mass, comparison with healthy ranges and population data (percentile, Z-score).

  • Extensive dietary analysis (macronutrients/micronutrients). We compare your current nutrition profile with clinical guidelines for a balanced diet for individuals like you: sedentary, power athlete, endurance athlete or senior.

  • In-depth digital wellness assessment: We analyze and score the factors that affect your fitness: Nutrition. Activity, Sleep. Stress. Emotions. History.

  • Diet and exercise plan (based on 200+ data points from your results): The plan is uniquely designed for you and uses an algorithm to adapt to your results as they change.

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