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Fitnescity Method I


DEXA composition test: The DEXA scan is the world’s gold standard for comprehensive and accurate Body Fat Assessment.

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+ What's Included

Detailed digital report with body fat percentage, breakdown of fat mass vs fat-free mass, body fat distribution (incl. visceral fat), bone density, comparison with healthy ranges and population data (percentile, Z-score).

  • Extensive dietary analysis (macronutrients/micronutrients). We compare your current nutrition profile with clinical guidelines for a balanced diet for individuals like you: sedentary, power athlete, endurance athlete or senior.

  • In-depth digital wellness assessment: We analyze and score the factors that affect your fitness: Nutrition. Activity, Sleep. Stress. Emotions. History.

  • Diet and exercise plan (based on 200+ data points from your results): The plan is uniquely designed for you and uses an algorithm to adapt to your results as they change.

Why work with Fitnescity

Fitness and nutrition blood test. body composition and metabolic test


We handpicked some of the nation’s most prestigious medical centers, and partnered to use their equipment and staff for fitness testing.

Fitnescity test results

Detailed analysis

You receive a detailed report with anthropometric data, interpretation, unique insights, comparison with heathy ranges and population data.

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On-going support

You have access to unlimited chat, phone and email support as you work towards your goals. Your results are always secure and accessible online.

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Biomarker Testing

This blood test will establish your body’s baseline values for biomarkers like cholesterol, white blood cells, vitamin D, cortisol, and protein.