David Ezell's Journey with the BOD POD Body Composition Test

“Measuring weight is easy. Measuring body fat not so much.... So David hopped into an egg-shaped device called the BOD POD to get a more precise measure of his body fat.” 

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 “I sat down with the CEO of Fitnescity,  Laila Zemrani to talk about how to measure body fat without being immersed in water. Here’s our conversation.”

BOD POD Body Composition

Numbers don’t lie. But looking at the wrong number does not deliver results. For David, the number is not weight--it’s fat--a that is a lot harder number to truly see. So he goes to an expert in assessment, Laila Zemrani at Fitnescity. And the BOD POD delivers different results that calipers ever did. In this podcast, Ryan and David review the results and talk about next steps, the two kinds of body fat and the importance of sticking to a plan. Then Ryan helps listener Brandon take his first steps towards becoming physically fit. 

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