Fitnescity, a woman-led company, gives 20% back to female customers in March

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At Fitnescity, we’re female-founded and women-led (mostly)

Ironically, close to 70% of our customers happen to be men.

While we would have liked to see a lot more women use our services, we’re at least excited to be at the opposite end of what we see in other industries; brands that are widely used by women are still largely led by men. For instance, Revlon, one of the world’s leading cosmetic brands, was in the news last year after it named its first female CEO in its 86-year history.

Wage Gap Month #20 - Fitnescity
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Wage Gap Month #20 - Fitnescity

Women earn 20% less than men

Over half a century after the US passed the Equal Pay Act, American women still face a substantial gender wage gap across the spectrum.

Today, on average, a woman earns 80.5 cents for every dollar a man earns, and women's median annual earnings are $10,086 less than men's, according to data from the US Census Bureau.

In honor of Women’s Month, we’re giving back 20% to every new female customer

Yes, you read it right! For us, this is “wage-gap month.” We decided to give back 20% to every woman who purchases one of our fitness lab tests.

Here are the rules:

  • When you sign up for an assessment, use code WOMEN20%19 at check out.

  • For men: Good news! The offer is also valid for men, as long as the credit card holder is a woman.

  • The offer is not valid on packages of two or four tests of the same type (e.g. package of two BOD POD tests, four DEXA scans).

About Fitnescity

It's not keto. It's not fasting. It's not detox. 
It's you. Fitness Lab Testing: Meet your numbers.

Fitnescity offers professional fitness testing services to clients ranging from casual gym goers to world-renown professional athletes.

The assessments use clinical-grade equipment and range from body composition (DEXA and BOD POD) analysis to metabolic testing (RMR), aerobic capacity testing (VO2 max) and blood biomarker testing.

These fitness lab tests are perfect for anyone looking to get a general fitness evaluation or track progress.