Trainer/Dietitian Referral Contest

Current Cycle is open!

March 15 - June 15

This is the first contest we run, so the chances of winning are still pretty high :)


$1000 worth of tests (all of them!)

1 X $150 gift card from Nike (or your favorite brand).

1X behind-the-scene view of Fitnescity. Live video interview and profile with our founder (to be featured on our large mailing list, on the blog and on @fitnescity).

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Fitnescity Trainer Certification

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Elevate your brand with fitness lab testing

Join a waitlist of 5k+ fitness and Nutrition Pros

Course | Using lab test results for exercise & diet prescription

 What tests does fitnescity provide?

Fitnescity offers professional fitness testing services to clients ranging from casual gym goers to world-renown professional athletes.

The assessments use clinical-grade equipment and range from body composition (DEXA and BOD POD) analysis to metabolic testing (RMR), aerobic capacity testing (VO2 max) and blood biomarker testing.

All of the tests are conducted in a clinical setting (with the presence of a physician, a clinical dietician and/or a certified exercise physiologist).

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What are the benefits?

  • Enhance your brand: differentiate yourself from competition.

  • Provide more data-driven, personalized and science-based coaching.

  • Increase client retention by setting goals (based on test results), and by encouraging clients to work towards these goals.

  • Benefit from exclusive pricing.