Body Composition Tests


Metabolic and Weight Loss Tests

Resting Metabolic Rate - CANOPY SYSTEM


3D Body Scanning

Body shape analysis. Detailed measurements by body part.

What is 3D body scanning?


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Performance Tests


General Fitness Evaluation

General Fitness Evaluation - NYC

Location: Upper West Side, NYC (except for DEXA scans)

Duration: 90 minutes

The general fitness evaluation is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels who wish to obtain a baseline understanding of their current fitness status, with the goal of optimizing health, fitness, and quality of life. The evaluation includes the following:

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Seniors: Strength, Balance and Fall Risk Assessment

Seniors: Strength and iBalance Assessment with SmartTouch Premium System

HUR iBalance Testing and Training Systems are ideal for accessing balance, identifying users who have a high risk for falling and designing and implementing results-based fall management training programs.

HUR iBalance features multiple pre-programmed balance testing protocols, fun and interactive balance games such as Chase, Maze and Tennis and a protocol wizard, which allows trainers to easily set up custom testing protocols to meet their individualized needs. The reporting tools provide clear and understandable visual feedback about patients’ balance condition.  Test results can be benchmarked against extensive normative data.



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